Warranties & Protection Plan

Not only do you get the balance of your vehicles’ new car warranty, you also receive the statutory 3 months / 5,000 km consumer warranty.
On expiry of these warranties, Lake Macquarie Nissan also give you an exclusive 3-year up to 175,000 km used car vehicle protection plan.
In fact, all of Lake Macquarie Nissan used cars under 10 years of age and less than 160,000kms receive this exclusive vehicle protection plan.

Vehicle Protection Plan

Our Mechanical Protection Plan is provided free with every used car purchased from our dealership.
By simply servicing your vehicle at Lake Macquarie Nissan, you will continue to be covered against a variety of mechanical faults and costly repairs.
A Premium Plus Plan is also available for including additional & more detailed coverage.
For full terms and conditions on our vehicle protection plan, please contact us on 02 4014 9950 or speak with your used car Sales Consultant. 

What it covers


The following internal parts contained within the engine: pistons, piston rings and pins, connecting rods, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft, crankshaft main bearings, camshaft, camshaft bearings, cam followers, timing chain, timing gears, rocker arms, rocker shafts, valves, valve guides, lifters, valve springs, valve seals, valve retainers, valve seats, push rods, oil pump. excludes cylinder head(s) and engine block

Transmission (automatic or manual)

All Internal parts within the transmission case. Transmission case, if damaged as the result of the failure of a covered internal part of the transmission.

Drive axle (front and rear)

All internal parts contained within the drive axle including locking hubs, half ahafts, universal joints, constant velocity joints (unless failure was caused by a neglected torn front wheel drive boot), swivel hubs and axle and hub bearings. oil pan and drive axle case if damaged as the result of the failure of a covered Internal part of the drive axle.

Front suspension

Upper and lower control arms, control arm shafts and bearings or bushings, upper and lower ball joints, strut bar and bushings, stabiliser bar, links and bushings.


Master cylinder, power brake cylinder, vacuum assist booster, disc brake callipers, wheel cylinders.

Clutch (two wheel drive vehicles): master cylinder, slave cylinder  throw out bearing.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery pump.

Cooling system

Water pump, thermostat, electric fan motor


Alternator, voltage regulator, starter solenoid, starter drive, starter motor, wiper motors, engine management computer.


All internal parts contained within the steering box, steering rack and pinion gear, and power steering pump, plus, tie rod ends

Air conditioning

Compressor, clutch and bearings.

Seals and gaskets

Coverage applies only when necessitated in connection with the repair or replacement of the covered components listed.

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