OZGUARD Vehicle Protection

We can assist you with the OZGUARD vehicle protection formulas available. These unique products will be applied by highly skilled technicians in accordance with AS2662 standard and is backed with a lifetime warranty Australia wide (conditions do apply).

OZGUARD Superior Paint Treatment

Is a unique and complete exterior protection package for your vehicle that is Teflon and non-silicon based and kinetically applied. On application of this product the heat will help bond and seal into the pores of the paint, covering damage that can be caused by bird droppings. This keeps your vehicle in a showroom condition bonding the colour on your vehicle for a lifetime.
Preserves and protects your paint up to and including the very acidic bat excrement.
No wax, no fading, no oxidising, no polishing, no worries.

OZGUARD Interior Treatments

Leather & Vinyl Protection - Powerful ultra-violet inhibitors protect and shield against UV rays and temperature fluctuations that cause surface cracking, loss of oils, fading and dulling. Lanolin based moisturiser and non greasy. There is no better way to preserve and maintain your leather and vinyl.

Carpet & Fabric Protection - Is a non allergenic, non toxic, odourless and water-base, non flammable protection from fading, everyday grime and accidental spills. It protects against wear, keeping your interior like new from initial purchase. Maintenance is minimal, and delivers an outstanding and effective outcome.


OZGUARD Rust Protection

Electronic Rust - is the newest in technological protection for the entire metal framework of your vehicle. This is an advanced electronic rust inhibitor. Fully computerised, programmable and self diagnostic, these systems are completely fail safe and will automatically reset if a fault occurs. Rust is the loss from electrons from within the metal. Oxygen combines with the metal atom and forms ferric acid which is rust. For further information a Car Care Consultant can be contacted to explain in detail. This system can also be transferred from vehicle to vehicle making this a most valuable and rewarding asset.

Upper & Under Body Rust - is a conventional anti-rust treatment sprayed under pressure into body sections, seams and cavities providing a protective barrier that seals out air, moisture, salt and dust. The product is wax based for the upper, and the under body is bitumen based. It will not crack or peel while remaining flexible. The treatment will not only prevent the formation of new rust but also retard the growth of any rust present. 

Sound Deadening

A Sound Deadening Treatment is a rubberised sealer for car under bodies. Sound deadening acts as a cushion protecting from stones, reducing road noise and acting as an insulator against heat and cold.

OZGUARD Window Film

OZGUARD Window Films are designed, constructed and installed to the highest industry standards to give you peace of mind and protect you and your loved ones from the harmful and damaging effects of the sun. OZGUARD Window Film offers various tints that can add security to your vehicle, lower harmful UV rays, provide heat rejection or simply give your vehicle the most sophisticated and up to date look. These tints are not plastic, they are non metallised carbon based tints in a variety of colours including a new clear tint for those with eye problems or just simply want the benefits without the darker colour.
Click here to download the OZGUARD Window Film brochure.

OZGUARD Vehicle Protection Cleaning Products

Our premium range of take home car care products are specifically formulated and developed to meet the same exacting standards that we use in caring for your car, and are readily available through our spare parts department.

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